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Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

Finding the Best Area to Live for Birdwatchers in Singapore


Humans have a innate instinct to connect with nature and other living beings (1). One such connection is through watching birds in their habitat. Indeed, birdwatching is a popular hobby around the world (2). Some people, including the author, can have stronger need to connect with nature more than others. This need can influence their buying decisions, such as choosing a place of residence. In connection with the birdwatching activity, factors that maximize the birdwatching experience in an area, such as bird abundance and diversity, can affect whether a birdwatching enthusiast would decide to live in that area or not.

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Illustration of social distancing

Analysis of Google Community Mobility Data and the Number of COVID-19 Cases


  • Community mobility is weakly correlated with the number of daily additions of COVID-19 cases. This conclusion is based on analysis that links Google Community Mobility and the global COVID-19 cases data. Other factors may form stronger correlation with the number of COVID-19 cases, e.g. strict social distancing measures outside of homes or potential infection inside homes.
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Preliminary Observation of Indonesian ‘Kartu Prakerja’ Courses Data

The launch of ‘Kartu Prakerja’ or ‘pre-work card’ program by the Indonesian government recently spurred controversy because it uses a large sum of money (20 trillion rupiahs) and involves companies that are allegedly close to the central government. The idea of the program is to teach skills to people who recently been out of their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemy. However, the large expense for the program is critized precisely because some people said that the money should be used for other programs that are more efficient in tackling the effects of the pandemic.

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Brief Analysis of Indonesia Butterflies Specimen Datasets from Museum Zoologi Bogor

Indonesia has a collection of butterfly specimens stored at Museum Zoologi Bogor (MZB). The specimens came from many field observations by many people which date back as early as 1900s. Mrs Djunijanti Peggie and her colleagues at Research Center For Biology – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) that are responsible for the collections have done excellent work in maintaining and curating the specimens. Mrs. Peggie has also made her curation work available as datasets at Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) website. My current analysis is based on these datasets.

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