Preliminary Observation of Indonesian ‘Kartu Prakerja’ Courses Data

The launch of ‘Kartu Prakerja’ or ‘pre-work card’ program by the Indonesian government recently spurred controversy because it uses a large sum of money (20 trillion rupiahs) and involves companies that are allegedly close to the central government. The idea of the program is to teach skills to people who recently been out of their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemy. However, the large expense for the program is critized precisely because some people said that the money should be used for other programs that are more efficient in tackling the effects of the pandemic.

I recently did a simple web scraping of one of the web platforms that provide courses for Kartu Prakerja program to look for the data about the courses. This article is a preliminary report of the web scraping results. Specific details of the data are intentionally omitted for now.

The web scraping was conducted on 15 May 2020 using BeautifulSoup library with python language. The web scraping effort retrieved 196 records of courses provided by 28 course providers (operators). The data I scraped were, among others, operator name, course, name, course price, and course duration.

The course duration data are varied in form, therefore it needs further cleaning and cannot be analyzed in this preliminary observation. For this preliminary phase, I mostly observe the price data.

The minimum price of the course is Rp 24.000 which is the 6-hour long ‘Tryout dan Simulasi Ujian CAT CPNS Online’ course provided by the operator Arkademi. The most expensive courses are at the price Rp 1.000.000 and consist of several course which will be discussed later in this article.

The average or arithmatic mean of the course price is Rp 338.225. The median price of the course is Rp 300.000. The mode or most frequent price is Rp 250.000. The population standard deviation of the price data is 237.106.

Here is the graph or histogram of the course price frequeny distribution with the range interval of Rp 50000.

Most of the course are in lower half of the price spectrum. It appears that a great majority of the courses are below Rp 400.000 in price. The Rp 500.000 – Rp 550.000 price bracket is quite significant in numbers, too. All but several courses are below Rp 800.000 in price.

At the most expensive end of the price spectrum there are 10 courses with Rp 1.000.000 in price. These courses are:

– PAKET PRAKERJA: Paket Pelatihan Ojek Online
– PAKET PRAKERJA: Sukses Kerja Sampingan di Masa Corona
– PAKET PRAKERJA: Kembangkan UMKM hingga Kebanjiran Order
– PAKET PRAKERJA: Teknik Lengkap Menjual Apapun dengan Mudah
– PAKET PRAKERJA: Teknik Lengkap Memasarkan Produk Secara Online
– PAKET PRAKERJA: Teknik Lamar Kerja di Masa Corona
– PAKET PRAKERJA: Menjadi Content Creator Populer & Profesional
– PAKET PRAKERJA: Jago Bicara di Depan Umum
– PAKET PRAKERJA: Menjadi Content Writer Andal
– Kelas Online Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Dasar (Online School Basic)

These top most expensive courses are provided by the operator Skill Academy and are published with the label Paket Prakerja. I think this requires further investigation to know why they are the most expensive. The ‘Kelas Online Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Dasar (Online School Basic)’ course is provided by the operator EF.

Further analysis should be conducted to reach more meaningful conclusions. Hopefully, this preliminary observation can give a brief overview of the ‘Kartu Prakerja’ initiative to help us evaluate it.